DREEMWICH – Beyond Imagination


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DREEMWICH – Beyond Imagination CD


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Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-048)

Release Date: July 24th, 2017

Official label’s promo clip: https://youtu.be/ulRBF8RccKs

US melodic Power metal quintet Dreemwich, was formed in 1988 in Topeka, Kansas with the intricate guitar work of Kevin Streeter, powerful drums of Steve Case, precision bass of Jeff Dodd, soaring vocals of Matt Cavanaugh and electrifying guitar of Ronnie Fields.

The band focused on writing and recording their debut self titled EP – first released in 1989. After this first release and gaining professional management, the band began performing a series of live gigs in and around Topeka and Kansas City, Missouri, helping to build a following of dedicated fans. Five months after the release of the EP, guitarist Ronnie Fields would depart from the band. To fill in temporarily, the band enlisted the services of two local guitarists. First, Steve Schneider added his blistering guitar riffs to the recording of a second 5 song demo and performed a few shows with the band. This was followed by guitarist Mark Case, who added his depth of talent to the band on it’s first mini tour through the Midwest and West Coast.

Upon returning home, another line-up change would force the search for a new lead vocalist as well. In the spring of 1990, Dave Buller’s melodic guitar playing, along with Bryan Cowsert’s strong vocal delivery and energetic performance style, ushered in the next Dreemwich phase.

This line-up recorded a three song demo of which two songs were included on the Midwest Metal Fest compilation released by Ground Zero Entertainment. Fresh out of the studio, this new incarnation of Dreemwich embarked on a 45 day tour of the East Coast and upper Midwest.

Then in late 1990, a third line up change brought Karl Keller’s dynamic vocals along with the richly textured guitar work of Scott Shipps. After months of writing new material and numerous live gigs with Karl and Scott, Dreemwich would begin work on a fourth demo (unreleased & sadly unfinished) as well as perform showcases in Los Angeles and Chicago before disagreements with management led to their disbanding in 1992.

Arkeyn Steel Records have managed to track down this excellent band. We dug very deeply and release their entire back catalogue (17 songs in total, more than 78’ minutes of music including everything that the band has ever recorded). It seemed impossible but we finally made it.

As usual all songs remastered from original tapes for the best sound journey.

Comes in 16-page fat glossy booklet with lyrics, band story and full of unreleased pics.

Another US Lyrical Power jewel will be released the way it deserves!



1. Lonely Child

2. Pleasure And Pain

3. Without Your Love

4. The Search

5. Silent Whisper

6. Justice

7. Forevermore

8. Beyond Imagination

9. Look Out

10. Prophet Of The Sword

11. Beyond Imagination

12. Power Shortage

13. The Final Day

14. Never Separated

15. Always

16. The Alliance

17. The Brotherhood

1-5 (1st EP/Demo 1989)

6-10 (2nd EP/Demo Unreleased/Promo Only 1989)

11-12 (3rd EP/Demo 1990)

13 (Outtake/Unreleased song from 3rd EP/Demo 1990)

14-15 (4th EP/Demo Unreleased/Unfinished/Rough Mix 1991)

16-17 (Live at Backstage, Oct 14th, 1991)

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