Alloy Czar became a reality when 3 high school friends, Charlie McCormick (guitar), John Beaird (drums, vocals) and Scott Wilson (bass) made the move to pursue their dream of forming a rock band. While pursuing this dream the band had made a decision to expand the scope of the band. By accident while visiting a local grocery store John ran across Bob Parduba (vocals). They struck up a conversation and discovered they had similar musical interests, so an audition was arranged and it was decided this was an excellent musical fit for everyone.

Writing for this the now 4 piece line-up began immediately, Bob contributed “On the Run” as his first song written for the band and then the writing of original material took off. Ideas flowed and Alloy Czar then entered Avalanche Recording studios to start putting their ideas on tape. Demos being done the band realized there was something that needed to be added to the band. Billy Mitchell (keyboards, guitar, vocals) was added. The line-up now complete Alloy Czar started playing cover songs mixed in with their original music in clubs through out Colorado and the mid west.

The band became popular, building a large following and at this time the band decided to enter the studio again. “Stalker” and “Taking The Lead” were recorded with Billy adding more originals to the band repertoire. At this time, Alloy Czar entered “Taking The Lead” in a regional competition of local original bands being sponsored by local radio station KPKE to be released on a compilation album. “Taking The Lead” was accepted and the review of the song was (a successful song released by an already successful band). The song received radio airplay and the band played showcase concerts to promote the album and the band. The highlight for the band was headlining a concert at the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado in conjunction with the KPKE Colorado Rocks album. The band continued to tour, lost and replaced members and then eventually called it a day.

Charlie, John and Scott still are active in music; Bob went on to join Jag Panzer releasing “Chain Of Command”. The whereabouts of Billy are unknown. The band members are pleased to have this collection of demos finally released for all to enjoy.