For those who have been asking “Where have we been?”, for those who keep on writing to us asking for updates and new releases, well this one is for you. It is a fact that we don’t let a single day to pass without searching for stuff to release, however the bands and the music that would fit our and your high standards are the main goal, so expect only hand-picked releases even if it takes a little more time for them to happen. So it is time to announce two forthcoming releases that will blow your US Metal minds away. Here we go:

Uncertain Future – Shock The System CD (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies)

Uncertain Future from Kansas City, Missouri, USA delivered fine Power / Prog Metal in the vein of Queensryche, Lethal, and Mystic Force. They have released one demo tape back in 1991 and a private CD two years later (1993). Those aware of the band’s existence were always keeping a high slot on their want lists for those releases, especially for the “Shock The System” private CD which was limited to 500 copies and was sold for more than $300 among collectors. Well now the search is over. Arkeyn Steel Records brings back to light the entire catalog of one of the finest Metal bands from Missouri. The Arkeyn Steel release includes the entire “Shock The System” private CD (1993), the entire “Peace By Peace” demo (1991) plus the band’s “Floodgate” unreleased demo (1999). Get ready to satisfy your thirst for Ryche-influenced US Power / Prog Metal under a real shock! Everything has been re-mastered and packed with lyrics, inner notes and unreleased photos under a concept based on the original “Shock The System” CD artwork.

Beyond Reason – A New Reflection CD (Limited to 500 hand numbered copies)
Beyond Reason from Westchester, New York, USA delivered technical Power / Speed Metal in the vein of early Metal Church, Intruder and Final Assault. It is this fine mixture of raw power with technical elements that makes this band so special. Their two demos released in the early 90s have disappeared ages ago. Arkeyn Steel Records has managed to track down the band, presenting everything they have officially recorded and released plus all their unreleased material on a single CD. “A New Reflection” includes the “…Distant From Reality” demo (1990), the “Beast Of Change” demo (1992) plus 3 unreleased tracks from 1991. Get ready to feel the absolute power of a great band! Everything has been re-mastered from scratch, brought to you in a great package including lyrics, a biography and lots of never-before-seen photos.

STEEL ANGEL (US-FL) Deal with Arkeyn Steel Recs!

FINALLY! Arkeyn Steel Records brings back to daylight the music of Steel Angel from Bradenton, Florida USA. Their “Inquiete” full length was released back on 1992 only on a hundred cassette copies for family and friends. By this time the band had already split due to the death of their vocalist Jason Flanders on a car accident. This masterpiece will be available first time on CD. Here we got the finest melodic US Power Metal you can imagine, in the vein of Crimson Glory and Heir Apparent, featuring killer vocals and fantastic lead guitar parts. All the songs have been re mastered from scratch and will be presented on a great package featuring never before seen photos, lyrics and info.

Bellicose – Love On ice + Bonus ||| Nothing Sacred – Let Us Pray + Deathwish + Bonus ||| OUT NOW!

Arkeyn Steel Records is pleased to announce the re-release of the “Love On Ice” CD by Dallas, Texas Melodic Metallers, Bellicose. One of the best Melodic Metal albums from USA which has been out of print since ages, will be re-released the way it deserves. The band’s unreleased demo from 1984 plus two fantastic unreleased tracks from 1988 are included as bonus. Remastered by Kostas Scandalis. Package comes on completely new artwork by Kostas Athanasoglou plus never before seen photos and in depth liner notes. Fans of Riot, Lethal, Leatherwolf, Fifth Angel will LOVE this!
Limited in 1000 handnumbered copies!
ONLY first 100 copies will come with extra promo pro-print photo (for orders through our web store).

From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Nothing Sacred delivered a crushing mix of Power/Speed Metal back on the 80s. Arkeyn Steel Records re releases their -both out of print- “Deathwish” (EP-1985) and “Let Us Pray” (LP-1988) full length on one CD. The three tracks that the band recorded for their never released second LP (“Nemesis” 1989) are included as bonus together with a selection of live tracks that re present the band’s raw power. Total 79′ minutes of Power/Speed Metal to bang your head at. Re-mastered by the band, packed with many photos, lyrics and info. Front cover by Joe Petagno (Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth etc).
Limited in 1000 handnumbered copies!
ONLY first 100 copies will come with extra promo pro-print photo (for orders through our web store).

ALLOY CZAR – Awaken The Metal King CD – Out Now!

Arkeyn Steel Records re presents ALLOY CZAR from Denver, Colorado, US, re-packing on CD their two previously unreleased demos from 1981 & 1982. Fully remastered from the original master tapes, those masterpieces are finally available on CD, coming with booklet full of unreleased photos, lyrics and info. Melodic Heavy / Power at its best featuring fantastic vocals by Bob Parduba (later on Jag Panzer).

XCEL – Deliver This Dream CD – Out Now!

Hailing from Port Neches, TX, US, XCEL have released one of the best records of Melodic US Heavy / Power Metal. 27 years after its original release, “Deliver This Dream” finally comes for the first time on CD remastered and remixed from the original master tapes. As bonus you would get the two tracks from their 1987 7″ EP plus a booklet full of unreleased photos, lyrics and band bio. Don’t miss this one, it is an absolute must for all the fans of the Melodic US steel!

Arkeyn Steel Records deal with XCEL

Arkeyn Steel Records is proud to announce a new deal with XCEL from
Southeast Texas, USA.

Their out of print “Deliver This Dream” (1986)
debut full length album is released officially for the first time on
CD. The two songs from the “Last Ride Of Ichabod Crane” 7” single
(1987) are included as a bonus. All the album tracks have been
remixed and digitally remastered by the band straight from the
original master tapes. The release comes with lots of unreleased
photos, complete lyrics plus inner notes.


We are proud to announce our new release “CRILLSON – Coming Of A New Age”

Alaska, Glennallen’s epic power metal presents first album from 1993 + second unreleased album 2000. All full digital remaster, lyrics, unpublished pics and bio. For all Manowar, Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, Warlord fans!

AUGUST (US) deal with Arkeyn Steel Records

Arkeyn Steel Records is proud to announce one new deal and this is AUGUST, hailing from Hollywood, California.

Only a handful maybe know about this killer band that sadly stayed on the demo-band level. Arkeyn Steel Records acquired the rights to all 9 songs of the band’s demos 1990 and as usual we are packing it all on a full CD, featuring a full digital re-master, lyrics, biography and many pics.


Release Date: August 1st, 2012
Limited Edition 1000 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-023)
Order now!

Winsconsin, LaCrosse’s christian melodic power metal presents “Runaway” first album from 1994 + unreleased demo 1995 + live trax 1992. All full digital remaster, lyrics, unpublished pics and bio. For all Sacred Warrior, Queensryche, Heir Apparent, Lethal fans!


WARLORD – Anthology 2nd press OUT NOW!!!

There is an extremely high demand for the now sold-out Warlord – Anthology Double CD. Fans who missed the first 1000 copies  keep on asking for the release sending emails both to the band and label.

Warlord and Arkeyn Steel Records after careful discussion decided that those fans should have the chance to get a copy of the Anthology double CD, so a re-pressing was arranged and 500 more copies of the Anthology will be available for sale.

Re-pressing of 500 hand numbered double CDs including the band’s entire back catalog. This edition will be marked as “second edition”.

Everything is fully re-mastered for the very first time and packed with exclusive artwork, photos, lyrics and info.

At last one of the most important bands in Metal history is presented they way it deserves to be.

If you missed the Warlord Anthology on first time, this is your last chance to get it!

Order your copy now!

DREAMSTATE – Beyond The Mirrors

Limited Edition 500 Handnumbered CDs (ASR CD-040)

Release Date: August 5th, 2016

AT LAST! Arkeyn Steel Records brings back to daylight the music of Dreamstate from Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Their “Beyond The Mirrors” LP-tape was released back on 1994 and it is without doubt an excellent example of Progressive/Power Metal in the vein of Watchtower, Vicious Rumors, Savatage, Oracle (Jacksonville, US) and Queensryche. This masterpiece will be available first time on CD including 4 bonus tracks plus never before seen photos, lyrics and extended info. The bonus tracks include the complete -and unreleased- “Strange Rooms” demo sessions (three tracks from 1997-1998) plus the “Mind Gallery” song which was recorded as part of a compilation promo CD, back in 1996. 14 songs in total, more than 70’ minutes of music including everything that the band has ever recorded. As usual all the songs will be remastered from original tapes for the best possible sound experience. Another US Prog/Power jewel will be released the way it deserves! Don’t miss it!